OffshoreMBE – summary

After the Inaugural meeting of the OffshoreMBE.
The idea behind OffshoreMBE…………
The running of events should remain as simple as possible.
OffshoreMBE is a mobile group and needs to travel from one venue to another without complication, whilst remaining easy to manage.
With this philosophy in mind people should be able to come, enjoy, help and participate in it’s simplest form.

Thank you to everyone for attending the meeting and also to those many messages of support and interest. (14 attendees and 15 apologies)
Here is a brief outline of what was discussed and agreed from an open and informal inaugural meeting.
OffshoreMBE is an adventure into a ‘back to basics’ approach towards the hobby with the emphasis on the event rather than a straight jacket of organisation, Championships, rules and regulations.
OffshoreMBE is not part of OMRA, BMPRS, MPBA or any other organisation, it is stand alone group.
Many thoughts and ideas were expressed and the key element to be adopted is simplicity and fun.
For now it was felt that there is no need for a committee or anything of that nature.In simple terms…
The Offshore Boats…6 simple rules.
1..As long as a model looks similar to a full size offshore boat and has a good freeboard, bring it and race it.
Members from OMRA, BMPRS, MPBA, Clubs and new comers welcome.
2..Working fail safes must be fitted at all time.
3..Handles and or lanyard to be fitted.
4..Any engine, Glow, Petrol and Electric.
5..For now a suggested Max engine size 35cc…subject to agreed change if someone brings something larger.
6..The current standard noise levels to be adhered to.
There will be no restrictions on whether a tuned pipe can protrude from beyond the transom but common sense should prevail, nothing stupid.
Race and class numbers…use the ones already on boats from OMRA. BMPRS club numbers etc. No need to change anything.
There will be nothing specific for OffshoreMBE racers.

Races and Racing classes.
Generally the idea of A B C D E will generally be superseded.As all the 2020 events are stand alone races it was agreed that the Race organiser/OOD will decide on the race classes on the day. This depends completely on the numbers of boats and types entered.
No one will be restricted on the number of boats they want to bring.
Breakdown of classes will be classified as Class1, Class2 and so on.Racing formats will be totally at the discretion of the race organiser who will have control of the type and style of racing on the day or weekend.
For example a typical suggestion for racing was the arrangement of several heats (per class or one class fits all) throughout the day, best scores go to a deciding final. Other adventurous ideas were put forward, however it will depend on the boats and numbers that turn up.
Short heat racing and no rescue is something that was agreed to be tried this year. Similar to how NCR used to operate with recovery of stopped boats after a heat.Good racing etiquette is to be encouraged. Specific outlined info on the day of race…ie no overtaking on the inside of a marker buoy.Trophies will also be at the discretion of the Race Organiser.
Lap counting, heat duration, format and timing will be at the discretion of the Race Organiser, flexibility will be a key factor.
Race fees are to be kept to a minimum, method of payment at the discretion of the organiser but any costs must be covered.
Event entries to be via email or telephone to the race organiser.
During the course of a race weekend/day encouragement is to be given for a certain amount of free running time. This will hopefully encourage people to bring boats who aren’t totally interested in racing but would like to participate in the event, engage with others and run boats around a circuit without the pressure of racing. Vintage offshore models would be extremely welcome. New comers will be very welcome.All of this may well be away from the accepted norm and quite radical in approach but it was agreed that something towards a more common sense, relaxed and gentlemanly approach to the hobby was needed.
Restrictions and over regulation were felt to be strangling the freedom of the hobby.

OffshoreMBE membership and Insurance.
The original idea was to not necessarily have a membership to the group but to be more of an affiliation just by turning up to race. It was thought and agreed better to create a simple annual registration fee of £5 for the Offshore Model Boat Enthusiasts group. This contribution also entitles you to our own (£5m) third party public liability insurance to cover you during an OffshoreMBE open meeting only, whether you are connected to OMRA, BMPRS or whatever. Further individual insurance should be sort for racing testing or running at any other race meeting or venue not under the jurisdiction of OffshoreMBE. There is no time limit on when to join but membership will begin at the very latest on entering a race.Race/event entry fees will be kept to an absolute minimum being purely to cover the costs as appropriate.
OffshoreMBE has been formed as non profit making group and fees will be monitored to ensure venue sustainability without unnecessary expenses for members of the group.
The group will have it’s own Health/Safety, risk assessment details.A member database will be kept for individual email communication only.Payment will be via bank transfer or cash on the day of racing.
For now Dave Sanders has agreed to be caretaker of the funds.
Please send your £5 to HSBC Sort code 40 11 84 Acc 92240165 David Sanders, include OffshoreMBE with your reference. Also send an email to Dave on to confirm payment.
The most important thing to remember is 2020 will be very much an experimental season.It is hoped that because new formats are being applied, many ideas and positive ways of doing things will come along during the year.
Please keep looking at this website for updated info.
I consistent effort will also be made to email new information in the form of a newsletter to those that have registered an interest in OffshoreMBE.

Hopefully I’ve covered the main points discussed and should anyone have any queries or questions please
get in touch. Contact as below

John Kingsley-Dobson         email
David Sanders                          email